Sassari (Province), Italy

Sassari (Province), Italy

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Sassari (Province) Italy

The Province of Sassari is a province in the autonomous island region of Sardinia in Italy. Its capital is the city of Sassari. As of 2017, the province had a population of 493,357 inhabitants. Facing the Sardinian Sea to the north and west and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east, the Province of Sassari is bordered to the south by the provinces of Nuoro and Oristano. It has an area of 7,692 square kilometres (2,970 sq mi), and a total population of 493,357 (2017). There are 92 municipalities (comuni) in the province, the largest of which are Sassari, Olbia, Alghero, Porto Torres, Tempio Pausania, Sorso, Ozieri, Ittiri and Sennori. Another town of note, Pattada, is particularly known for its handmade knives.
Recommended airport
Alghero (AHO)
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